Integrated Solutions for your logistics projects at the port

With over 100 years in the market

One of the first ship agencies and stevedoring companies in the Dominican Republic

We have rapidly expanded our operations to all ports in the country with solid growth managed by different business divisions.

From our Maritime Operations team, we provide comprehensive ship agency services cargo vessels, project cargo, and carriers.


Port Operations

Roll-on / Roll-off Ships

  • Agency
  • Stowage / Unloading
  • Documentation
  • Value added service
  • Port warehouse
  • Cargo transfer to the customer's destination
  • Cargo in transit
  • Active improvement
  • Project Cargo Management
  • Maritime Transport


  • Maritime cargo management and delivery.
  • Provisions and replacements delivery
  • Customs Clearance: Documentation, Clearance, Payments, Cargo Clearance.
  • Ground transportation
  • Landing Good Advise (LGA) (Cargo disembarkation): Boat to boat, deposit and Messenger service, local freight, air or cargo.
  • Special Projects

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