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Schad Expertise

Your Eyes and Ears in the Caribbean

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SCHAD — Frederic Schad SAS

Fundada en Santo Domingo, República Dominicana, en 1922 como la primera agencia de buques y empresa de estiba del país.

SCHAD Expertise es la división de inspección e investigación del grupo, Agencia Lloyd’s para la República Dominicana, Haití y las Antillas Holandesas; corresponsales para aseguradores P&I globales, agentes de reclamaciones e inspecciones de las principales organizaciones internacionales de seguros y ajustadores.


Transporte Marítimo, Aéreo y Terrestre

  • Cargo Damage Surveys
  • Hull & Machinery Damage Surveys
  • Inspecciones de P&I e Investigaciones
  • Inspecciones y Verificaciones PSC & ISM
  • Loading and Discharging Supervision
  • On/Off Hire and Bunkers Surveys
  • Containers inspection
  • IMDG Inspection and Certifications
  • Quantity/Quality Inspections
  • Loss Prevention

Propiedad, Accidentes y

  • Location Surveys
  • Risk Surveys
  • Property/Equipment Assessment
  • Risk management
  • Loss Prevention
  • Commodity/Products Inspection, Certification
  • Compliance Audits
  • Investigations and inquiries
  • Travel/Medical/ PA Insurance Assistance / Medical Claim Investigations


  • Loss adjustments
  • Claims Handling
  • Settlement
  • Recovery

Carga Pesada y de

Real-time, remote surveys and inspections

In this changing world, we can provide you with an economic solution:

— Schad Expertise

Real-time, remote surveys and inspections with full video and audio interactive live streaming.

How do we do it?

Expert surveyors on site

Using smart tools

State of the art equipment

Live-streaming platforms

Real time interactive display for evaluation on your home station


  • Security
  • Minimize or eliminate personnel exposure to potentially hazardous environments
  • Maintains a safe distance from goods or equipment operating
  • Efficiency
  • Coordination in a short time
  • Fast execution
  • Clear and accurate representation
  • Real-time and remote viewing
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduce operational interruptions


Expertise is managed by insurance professionals with more than 30 years of practical experience and international certification as surveyors and adjusters.

Our surveyors, inspectors and investigators include master mariners, auditors, engineers, marine and cargo surveyors with extensive experience in their fields of activity and operations.



Lloyd’s Agency

Appointed Lloyd’s Agents for the Dominican Republic since 1945, Haiti and the Netherlands Antilles since 2009, Our staff has successfully completed the LLOYD’S Certificate of Cargo Surveying Proficiency – Stages 1,2 & 3- so enhancing the professional qualifications of our surveyors and claim handlers.

P&I Correspondents

Our experience, local knowledge and ability to assist and coordinate the handling of incidents in all Dominican ports, resolving quickly and satisfactorily a wide variety of practical problems related to ships’ operations, have led to our appointment as local correspondents for all P&I insurers.

Verein Hanseatischer Transportversicherer e.V. Association of Hanseatic Marine Underwriters

Comité d’Études et de Services des Assureurs Maritimes et Transports France

American Institute of Marine Underwriters


Spanish Maritime Commissioner

Agentes de Inspecciones y Reclamaciones

WK Webster — International Network of Claims Adjusters

W.E. Cox — Global Network of Claims & Recovery Agents

PICC — People’s Insurance Company of China

Tokio Marine and Nichido — Fire Insurance Company

DOLPHIN — Maritime & Aviation Services

We serve the entire Caribbean and Central American region

Headquarters in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic



+1 (809) 689-9377
+1 (809) 695-4509

Nilda Burgos

+1 (809) 223-4341

Bryan Langley

+1 (809) 696-1433


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