+100 Years of Service

Frederic Schad SAS

Founded in 1922 by the Swiss citizen Frederic Schad, as the first shipping agency and stowage company in the country.

We started our company from scratch and we were making ourselves known in the sector. Little by little, the shipping companies began to grant their representation, the first being the German Columbus Line, which traveled to and from New York.

In the 50's and 60's

We acquired representations of several companies that own renowned ocean liners that began to call the port of Santo Domingo, such as the Queen Elizabeth, Cunard Line, New Amsterdam de la Holland America Line y Stockholm de la Swedish American Line.

In addition, we obtained representation from cruise lines that are still active, such as Royal Caribbean Cruise Line y Norwegian Caribbean Cruise Line. Regarding cargo ships, we had the representation of P&O Nedlloyd and Mitsui O.S.K. Line, Prudential Grace Line, Delta Line, the Grancolombiana, among others.

The sons of our founder, Alexander Robert y Federico F.joined the company, with a focus on opening the doors of diversification.

At the beginning of the year 2000, we transitioned into becoming a logistics operator, which transformed our initial activity as a shipping agent and stevedore, into handling cargo from product manufacturing to consumption, involving planes, trains, ships, customs, warehouses, and trucks.

At that time, we drove changes in assets, technologies, and corporate culture that have led us to a leadership position in the market, evoking the skills and vision of our founder, Frederic Schad.

About our founder

Frederic Schad Suter

October 12, 1891 – June 14, 1972
Zurich, Switzerland

It was the end of the 19th century, specifically on October 12, 1891, when Frederic Schad arrived in this world. His father, Jacobo Schad, was a merchant originally from Zurich, and his mother was Ida Suter, who also had another daughter, Jeanne.

Schad lived his childhood in Zurich, and during his teenage years, he studied at a business college. When he was 18, he enlisted in the Swiss Army for the statutory period, an obligation for all male Swiss citizens. In 1910 he won honors, and a year late he moved to Italy, where he became part of a Swiss company dedicated to import and export, where his journey in international trade began.

The following year Schad went on a new mission to the Far East. From Manila, Philippines, he worked for six years traveling to Japan and China, doing business and knowing first-hand the dynamics of two giant markets on the map of world imports and exports.

La travesía en la vida profesional de Schad fue larga. Años más tarde, motivado por la sed de nuevas conquistas, cruzó el Atlántico y desembarcó en Nueva York, Estados Unidos, donde permaneció un tiempo trabajando. Fue en 1920 cuando emprendió un nuevo viaje, esta vez a República Dominicana, país que en ese momento se encontraba invadido por el ejército norteamericano.

Schad had read an advertisement in a newspaper requesting an assistant to work at the Consuelo sugar mill in San Pedro de Macorís, the land where the sugar cane was born, which launched the Dominican industry and opened it up to the international markets. The mission was to work as an assistant to Gaetan Bucher, a compatriot of his, who ran the commercial and storage part of the mill.

Schad only lasted a few months at the Consuelo sugar mill. By mutual agreement with Bucher, he decided to go to Santo Domingo, in the first quarter of 1922. At that time, seeing that the port of the same name and the oldest in the National Port System began to take on relevance, Schad established himself as a shipping agent and founded his company, which he named Frederic Schad.

Company Trajectory

1922 › Foundation

Our main activity was in San Pedro de Macorís with loose cargo in sacks.


We sold bags of "macarios" to survive in World War II | We were appointed Agents of Lloyd's of London for the Dominican Republic.


Acquisition of the first forklift.


Acquisition of equipment to move containers.


Cruise Representation and Carrier Ship Agency | First terminal outside the port | Start of Air Cargo services


Start of Customs Management services | Acquisition of a crane for boat stowage


Start of Warehousing, Inventory Management, Value Added and Distribution services


International Expansion to Caribbean Islands: Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Curaçao, Barbados and Guyana.


Expansion to Mexico